Are Leaves Affecting Your Lawn’s Health

We’re in the midst of fall and the leaves are finally starting to make their way from tree branches to the floor beneath them.

A common autumn chore is to rake the leaves, but is this actually necessary?

The answer is yes, and for good reason — because too many leaves can hurt your lawn’s health.


Explaining Your Lawn

When you live in the Northeast region of the U.S., chances are you have cool-season grass on your property. This perennial grass-type is meant to handle the freezing temperatures of winter while being as green as can be after spring arrives.

During the fall, cool-season grasses must use this optimal temperature (not too hot nor cold) to strengthen its root system. This can be difficult to do when a thick layer of leaves covers the entire lawn.

Leaves Can Hurt Growth

When a layer of thick leaves completely covers your lawn, your lawn could be put into serious jeopardy. Leaves will block one major thing that all lawns need (even when it’s cold out) — sunlight.

Without adequate sunlight, the lawn’s roots will not be able to grow and could hurt your lawn’s growth come spring.

How Many Leaves is Too Much?

Obviously, a blanket of leaves where you can’t see the lawn is NOT good for its health. However, scattered leaves here and there throughout the lawn does not require the homeowner to clean them up (unless you want the perfect looking property).

When it comes time to clean up a serious blanket of leaves, your choices include: using a leaf blower, a rake, a bag attachment on your lawn mower, or a mulching (shredding) attachment on your lawn mower.

Leaves of different colors might look pretty as they lie on your lawn — but it might be doing more harm than good.

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