3 Ways To Prevent Landscape Destruction

Your landscape at home is something you need to constantly pay attention to, in order for it to be in good shape all year — and sometimes, that requires out of the box thinking to get the work done! Instead of worrying about what to do when a problem arises, why not prevent them from happening in the first place? In order to do so, we’ve got the things you need to get that done easily and effectively. Check it out below. 


If you’re dealing with an abundance of pests or bugs in areas they shouldn’t be, keep them away at a low cost and without using chemicals. Grab a can of cayenne or chili powder from your size cabinet and drop a border around what it is you’re trying to protect. This can be by the doors, your plants and more. Each spice helps keep the bugs out when you need them and prevents damage to what it is you’re protecting!


Likewise with bugs, animals can find your vegetables and fruits, thinking they’re there as a special treat– which is certainly not the case. Grab a cheap roll of chicken wire and wrap the outside of the area with it to keep deer and other critters from entering. A few wooden stakes and zip ties are also great to have on hand to keep the structure upright and withstanding the weather.


During this time of year, though rare, hailstorms occur seemingly out of nowhere — which can be very damaging! To help protect your glass tabletops and other sensitive fixtures, keep old thick blankets and floor mats handy for the emergency moments. This way, you can drape them over the affected are if necessary and protect any expensive breakages!

While keeping your landscape up to date is an important factor in the process of owning a home, not everything can be done in a single weekend. To help with that, Ambrosio Landscape Solutions Provides comprehensive attention to detail in all forms around your landscape when necessary!

Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has dealt with a number of homes and properties in the New Canaan and Westport areas. Whether you need a custom fixture built ,or you’re just looking for help with maintaining the property, we’re here to help! Give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!

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