3 Tips For Preparing Your Pool This Spring

Temperatures are slowly rising and hopefully, we’ve seen the last of the freezing temperatures and the snow for one year.

As we prepare for spring and what it brings, it’s a great time to think about the prep that can be done for some of your amenities at home — notably the pool.

Before you can get in and enjoy the spoils of a backyard oasis, there are a few things to think about in terms of how you can expedite the process and be ready for the season when the time comes. 

Don’t Drain It

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, you shouldn’t be draining your pool completely. One reason you may have to is the lack of a cover, but it’s not totally necessary. If there is a specific reason to get everything out of it, it might be a good idea. A risk, however, is the chance for a high water table to be lurking underneath the pool during certain seasons. The water in the pool keeps it grounded and draining it may actually make the pool pop out of the ground, rewiring an entirely new pool.

Add Water

If your pool has lost water over the winter, add the necessary water before turning it back on. This also means you should be cleaning out and replacing plugs, filters and more. A sand filter can simply be cleaned by setting the filter to backwash and then normal operation. 

Balance Out Chemicals

Make sure you’re reading everything correctly before turning it back on. This includes the pH level, alkalinity, and calcium in PPM. Of course, chlorine is also another large factor in keeping your pool in tip-top shape for when the time comes to turn it back on for the warmer months. 

It’s a good idea to consult s professional if you aren’t sure how to perform these steps to a cleaner pool. If you’re still dreaming about a new pool, there are a number of options you also have in order to have the perfect backyard oasis in your home. 

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