3 Things To Know While Preparing For Fall

The season known as Autumn is right around the bend — are you prepared?

If you haven’t even thought of fall preparation yet, then it’s time to get your mind right and thinking.

Here’s what you need to know:

Landscape Lighting is an All Year Thing

Many people will inquire about landscape lighting during the spring and early summer months. While of course, you want to illuminate your patio for gatherings and your garden for people to see, you can also use this lighting to guide you down driveways and walkways. This is great to have all year long, especially in the winter when snowfall could blur the grass and driveway/walkway lines a bit.

Take Time to Prep Your Shrubs

With fall in arm’s reach, the shrubs and plants scattered throughout your property should be inspected and maintained accordingly. Specific plants will need to be pruned before they go dormant for the cold weather months. Knowing which plants and shrubs need what attention is tough, which is why you can always hire a pro to take care of that for you!

Do Not Leave the Leaves Alone

Refusing to clean up the leaves around your property won’t just make your home look unkempt — it can also hurt the lawn. Heavy leaf coverings can block sunlight and trap moisture, which can lead to lawn diseases that can kill large areas of it in no time at all. Make sure you remove the leaves from your lawn, not just once per year, but periodically throughout this coming season.

Preparing for fall isn’t hard at all, but there are things you NEED to know!

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