3 Things You Need In Your Backyard

As summer reaches its midpoint, there are a number of things to still be done! We have barbecues to attend, sun to soak up, and pools to jump into.

But your leisure isn’t the only thing to think about this summer — certainly looking into landscape additions is a great idea as well, right?

Of course, it is!

Before thinking that you’re all set up with your landscape, let’s take a look at a few things you can have added and enjoy before the summer comes to a close.

Larger Patio

One of the most desirable things in a backyard is a place to hang out. Your patio is a great example of this, and it’s important that you have enough space for everyone to enjoy themselves if needed. Simple additions to the paving stone area is a great way to not only make your outdoor space more inviting but prevent people from running out of room!


With a ton of space on your hands, what else could you possibly add to make the landscape more homey? We’ve got an idea — what about a waterfall or fountain? These additions, which can include small ponds are great ways to preserve the life and tranquility of your home, while also adding a bit of unique flair. These fixtures can be designed to your own liking, which is exactly why it’s a great addition to any space. You can include fish, plants, and so much more for anyone to enjoy!

Tip-Top Landscaping

The last and final thing you’ll need is a landscape free of any obstacles or dead shrubbery. After all, this is your home, and you should be treating it like something that matters! With this is the notion that routine maintenance is a given, so you should be doing what you can to ensure it lasts and is preserved all summer long. If you’re having trouble keeping up to date with these things, make sure that you’re enlisting the help of someone who can manage it for you. We might know someone who can help…

Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has dealt with a number of homes and properties in the New Canaan and Westport areas. Whether you need a custom fixture built, or you’re just looking for help with maintaining the property, we’re here to help! Give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!

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