Custom Fences For You

Everyone loves a little privacy at home, and that luxury can come in many forms. From trees and shrubs to a driveway gate, there are endless possibilities at what can be achieved on your property.

One of the styles that’s slowly gaining popularity in certain areas is a fence to really close off your area to others.

Between the traditional picket fence and custom metal options, there’s a style for everyone, and it completely transforms the appeal of one’s home.

Picket Fences

We’ve all heard the dream of many who’d love a white picket fence in their yard — and this is for good reason. For homes that sport light colors and bright plants inside & out, the white fence option seems to be a great way to really create the dream home of many. Typically, this can cover the front of homes, as well as the back. Additionally, there are a ton of things that can be added to this amenity, such as a rounded passageway to the yard, or a walkway through your landscape.


For rustic homes appealing to a different style, metal fences and gates have become increasingly popular. Pairing this style with a home composed of brick and stone, it takes on a much more traditional, and solid look to a home — your own castle, if you will. While these often don’t offer the complete privacy that other fences do, they sometimes prove more durable than wooden options. These can be paired with beautiful gates at the front of your driveway for the full, complete look.

If a fence is in your near future, Ambrosio Landscape Solutions has a plethora of different options to suit the style of any home, any size. For more information, feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote!

Transform your landscape into the backyard getaway of your dreams! Ambrosio Landscape Solutions is committed to making those dreams become a reality! If you’re ready to reimagine your outdoor space, give us a call at  203-762-5167! For more tips and tricks, like us on Facebook!

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