Best Plants For Your Pond

Owning a pond in your backyard can sometimes be hard work.

Fortunately for homeowners who study the mechanics of this luxurious addition to your landscape, it’s not as bad as many might think.

One of the most important components to owning a pond is the cleanliness of the water — and while a filter is a great way to keep it clean, there are a few tasteful ways you can decorate the area while keeping it clean.

Submerged plants work great. Anacharis and Cabomba are both great plants that grow entirely underwater. They do not require any fertilizing, and pull carbon dioxide from the water! They’re also a great hiding/resting spot for fish and frogs if you plan on having them in there.

Floating Plants are appealing. Lotus plants and water lilies are great examples of plants that float on top of the water, allowing shade and aesthetic appeal. Not only will they provide the pond with nutrients, but the plants on top will blossom fully into appealing flowers that can drastically change the appearance of the pond!

Bog plants work on the outside. Residing in the shallow areas of the pond, bog plants will sit on the edge, fueled by the water that surrounds it. While many of these plants aren’t fully blossomed flowers, they do help by removing harsh nutrients from the water that can cause discoloration, and harm to the marine life in the pond, should you choose to incorporate them.

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