Tips For Preparing Your Property For The Warmer Months

We’re finally approaching the warmer months, and for homeowners, that means a few things. Aside from barbeques, lawn chairs, and cold drinks, a few things should be looked at before you kick back and relax — we promise, there will be plenty of time for that! Check out a few ways you can prepare your property for the warmer months.

  • Water Regularly. After a long winter, your entire property is going to need some hydration. This begins with effectively watering your plants and grass periodically. If it rains, you should be ok for a day or two. Adding a fertilizer might not be a bad choice either.
  • Clean Your Gutters. With spring comes heavy rainfall. If your gutters have seen better days, it might be time to get up on your ladder and clear away the clutter. This will prevent build-up, allow rainfall to flow down and out, and provide you with plenty of potential compost!
  • Prep your mower. It’s a good idea to perform routine maintenance now on your tools to help keep your landscape looking clean and fresh. Cycle the fluids and perform any necessary oil changes. You’ll wish you had if it suddenly stops working halfway through a job!
  • Call someone to help you. Professional Landscaping services *cough* will know exactly what to do in order to prepare you and your property for the warmer months ahead. Not only is this the easiest choice, it also means you could be relaxing on that lawn chair sooner!

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