Reducing Your Footprint: Waste Management Tips

Waste management typically means anything from bottle recycling to extreme composting.

Most communities are in some way involved in responsible management, but conducting some of your own methods can benefit your life at home!

Check out some benefits of reducing your footprint.

Be Mindful

Reducing your imprint is very important. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a few of the reusable canvas bags. Plastic bags serve little to no use. The same goes with paper plates and cups. Plastic is also harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. It’s OK to use these items sparingly, but using dishes that can be washed and reused is even better!


Composting your organic waste is a great way to produce your own soil while also fertilizing existing soil. Basic waste such as trimmed grass, paper products, food waste, and leaves are great places to start. All of these items will eventually be broken down into a vitamin-rich soil that your plants will love — clean and healthy plants means clean produce on the dinner table!

Saving Money

Recycling is another great way to benefit the environment and your pockets — who doesn’t like an extra few dollars? By compiling your bottles and cans and bringing them to a redemption center, you can receive the deposit back for each item. The return may seem small, but over time it will add up  Toss all of your returns into a piggy bank and save for a year — you might be surprised at how much you’ve collected!

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